And the location of this mansion is--you guessed it--Bettendorf. Well, technically it's in Pleasant Valley.

If you and your family, or even a small army, are looking for a new place to crash, check out this listing. The 4,522 square foot home sprawls over two acres, and it comes with a 5 car garage and its own chunk of woods. It has only 6 bedrooms, but you could probably still fit a whole summer camp's worth of 10-year-olds inside if you really wanted to. After all, that's $352 a square foot, so you might as well utilize all that space.

So if you've got $1,590,000 just lying around somewhere, this house might be of interest to you. A few perks that might sweeten the deal include a bar, a wine cellar, a steam shower, multiple walk-in closets, and an exercise room. Not bad!

However, if this Pleasant Valley mansion isn't quite your style, you might be surprised by the second most expensive house for sale in the QCA. At a mere $1,199,000, this Rock Island might be the one. It was built in 1931, so it has a more established feel to it than its newer competitor, which was built in 1997. The RI house has 5 acres and is perched on a private bluff overlooking Rock River Valley. It comes with a private pool and even a greenhouse. Super classy. Check out the pictures here.

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