Oh, sure...they look all cute and innocent.  But these little savages are out to get you! They've had quite enough of your laughing and pointing.  It's time for payback for all the mocking and stupid outfits and accordion playing... and that face!  That face you make when you blow your cheeks up & push your ears out?  How dare you! Do you think that is funny? Do you think it actually looks like a monkey?  Time to hit you where it hurts... The Internet!

Monkeys are chewing through wires and causing havoc on internet service in India!

No more searching Youtube for funny monkey videos.

No more watching that mortifying video of the monkey smelling his butt & falling off a branch.

And how dare you watch that obscene not safe for work video with a super unbelievable voice over of monkeys making sweet love and another one reaching for his "monkey balls".

I hope you've learned your lesson.