It's got a monkey on the label.  And the monkey is wearing a crown.  So I've got a real Planet of The Apes vibe before I even dig in.  And yes, That copper-haired Ape would win my heart as well.

Just the Facts

Bottle temp at opening: 38 degrees.

Drinking temp: 39 degrees.

Nose: Not like a monkey--so that's good.

Taste: Light, refreshing with a touch of sour at the end.

5 out of 6 bottles

5 Beer Bottles

I will not bow to a Monkey King, but I will gladly sip this on a fall afternoon, with 'Monkey' from the 'Stones on the Box, a little louder than the neighbors would allow.  I think this beer might actually be better if I let it warm up a bit.  It seems like the flavors want to mix up and blossom, but it's gone now.  No more monkey-shines with this little guy.

monkey king saison

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