There's a five-year-old kid out there who just had a cooler birthday than any of us will, but at the same time, the internet is ripping his mom for her decision of where to eat dinner.

"Attention Hooters! This is my best friend Zander, and he's turning five-years-old, can I get a round of applause?" One of the waitress shouts to the restaurant, which erupts in applause.

darbyallison19 via TikTok
darbyallison19 via TikTok

The servers run through their song, as Zander stands there with a beak made of paper cups and flaps his "wings"- two pie tin-shaped serving trays.

Comments were filled with outrage, while other's didn't see what the big deal was.

“Who TF is taking their child to Hooters especially on his birthday?"

"The day little tommy did not want to play video games no more"

"why would they bring him there, at that age, for his bday?!"


"damn i wish my birthday was like this 😭😭"

"damn bro who's gonna bring me to hooters for my bday 😭💀"

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