A Quad City business owner has been warned she will be fined for promoting her business in a way seen around the country, but the City of Moline says they are in violation of city code.

Vanessa Anderson took to social media to share the news that the wacky inflatable tube guy in front of her business, Discover Chiropractic, whom she refers to as 'Mr. Wiggles' has brought a fine to her business.

"This is unbelievable. I got this letter from the City of Moline. Someone went to the city and complained that we had it in our yard for more than 7 days," Vanessa wrote on her Facebook post.

She shared a photo of the letter she received from the city, detailing her violation and fine.

"The inflatable sign display is in violation of the City of Moline Sign Ordinance. An inflatable sign is only allowed for one temporary display in a calendar year, without exceeding 7 days," the letter reads. "Please remove the below-circled inflatable signs immediately."

The letter also contained details of her violation according to the City of Moline's Code of Ordinance Sec. 3-2104.

All signs not expressly permitted under this ordinance or exempt from regulation hereunder in accordance with the previous section are prohibited in the City. Such signs include, but are not limited to:
(1) Except for traffic warning devices, any sign which incorporates in any manner moving, oscillating, revolving, strobing, or flashing lights.
(2) Animated signs.
(3) Dynamic display signs located in any historic district or on a historic landmark.
(4) Pennants, spinners and streamers, inflatable signs, tethered balloons, and banners that do not conform with the definition of a “banner” as provided in Section 3-2102 of this Code, except where such signs are displayed during one temporary occurrence not to exceed seven (7) consecutive days per calendar year.

While it is in the city's code, Vanessa Anderson doesn't see why it's a big deal.

"Really, is Mr. Wiggles hurting anyone or causing a problem with traffic? Do they realize how many kids have had there pictures taken in front of Santa, the Easter Bunny or Uncle Sam? How many people have got a kick out of the Leprechaun when he was twerking away," Anderson wrote in her Facebook post. "Generally, I think he puts a smile on everyone’s face that drives by."

"The fine for Mr. Wiggles is $750 bucks," she said. "And also apparently a sign that says Happy Birthday America is not allowed either, also another $750 fine."

Vanessa wants to make sure no other business is fined for having decorations in their yard.

"Maybe if we bombard the city with people who like this, I can go to a council meeting and get the ordinance changed," she wrote.

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