The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) tour stopped in St. Louis over the weekend, and one video from the competition has gone viral.  A bull rider known as JRV got slammed HARD against a metal structure, and was okay.

St. Louis Missouri


Over the weekend, St. Louis, Missouri, played host to a dramatic turn of events during the Professional Bull Riders' Unleash The Beast tour. Despite the potentially dangerous situations that could have arisen from the event, it was fortunate that neither the riders nor the bulls suffered significant injuries or lost their lives.

Doze You Down

One particular highlight was the spectacular show put on by a bull named 'Doze You Down' who managed to buck into a handstand right as the gate was flung open. The forceful movement launched the rider, João Ricardo Vieira, towards the metal structure of the enclosure.


Even in the face of such a precarious situation, Vieira and Doze You Down showcased a remarkable display of athleticism. Thanks to their respective agility, both were able to walk away from the experience without sustaining any serious injuries.

The on-site announcer gave high praises for both bull and rider, stating, "You've got to credit the athleticism of both Vieira and Doze You Down and as they each came out of that relatively unscathed."


Watch The Video

João Ricardo Vieira gets slammed by Doze You Down in Round 2 of the 2024 PBR Unleash the Beast Season PBR St. Louis in St. Louis, MO

(The rider's name is João Vieira.  Pronounced Jo-aow Vee-Air-a.)

This adrenaline-packed incident in St. Louis underlines the danger, unpredictability, and drama that go hand in hand with PBR events, making them a truly thrilling spectacle for fans. It also emphasizes the commendable level of professionalism, quick thinking, and athletic prowess of the riders, as well as the power and agility of the bulls that they face.

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