A Georgia family has been hoping against hope that their cat, Kitty Bitty, would return to them ever since the tabby went missing on the Fourth of July.

Six months later, the feline was found stowing away in a Pepsi truck on the other side of the country. Riverside County Department of Animal Services in San Jacinto, California recovered Kitty Bitty.

Spokesman John Welsh said, “We can only surmise he somehow ended up over at a Pepsi facility in the Georgia area, not too far I believe from where this owner lives, and somehow jumped on the back of a truck or on a pallet. Somewhere in that truck the cat was undetected for quite some time.”

The furry wanderer was suffering from dehydration and was very skinny but was revived and is in good health. Animal Services staff are pooling their money together to fly him home for Christmas.

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