So last night, while I'm trying to get to sleep but can't, I stumble on to the AXS channel and see that there is a Beach Boys concert on.  So I leave it on for a while ... As I'm watching, I think to myself.. "in 40 years (give-or-take) of being a live music consumer, why did I never go to a Beach Boys concert..?"    I remember for the longest time, I thought, "how could they possibly duplicate on stage, the magic of their sound ..?  The harmonies and intricacy of songs like  "Good Vibrations" ..."Help Me Rhonda" ... "I Get Around" .. "California Girls" ...These guys are a studio band, and I don't want to see anybody butcher anything..."!   So I never went.  So as I watched with the volume down lower than normal, it became clear ... I missed another one.  Considering most of these guys are in the age range of 70, I gotta say "not bad, boys!"  Al Jardine could rival Keith Richards in a wrinkle-count.  Brian Wilson doesn't want to stand up much.  There were a few "groaners" for me ... "Kokomo", torture!  "Rock & Roll Music", blasphemy!   But take those away, and the supporting cast and Mike Love succeeded in making it a great show!  And the age-diverse audience was havin' a blast!  Isn't that why you would go to a Beach Boys concert?  I can only imaging how good their concert performance was 30, or even 20 years ago.  Yes Phil Collins, when it comes to these Pop American Icons ...I missed again.