Zach Carlsen in Stillwater, Minnesota made the decision to simplify his life by wearing the same outfit every day for an entire year.

To be clear, his "uniform" doesn't consist of wearing the same clothes every day, just the same outfit. Zach took on the project to try and decrease the number of daily decisions he makes. He hopes it will allow him to conserve energy for other areas of life.

In his closet, he has five pairs of pants, nine t-shirts, four sweaters, 18 boxers, 12 pairs of socks, four different pairs of shoes, and two different belt buckles.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and President Barack Obama also wear the same outfits everyday for the same reason. I'd say those two are pretty successful, so maybe there's something to this.

Zach has been fighting decision fatigue for a while. He has already cut down on his weekly decisions by meal prepping on Sunday nights.

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