A man in Michigan was arrested, after he set fire to the same house... twice... within one week.

Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office (Joseph Smith)
Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office (Joseph Smith)

Chippewa Couty Michigan

A 25-year-old man was arrested in Chippewa County on charges of arson on Dec 1.

The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office identified the man as Joseph Anthony-Michael Smith, a 25-year-old Kincheloe resident. He has been charged with two counts of arson and one count of arson of an insured dwelling.

Two Fires Reported

According to deputies, two fires were reported at the same residence on 17 Forest Lodge, Kincheloe. The first fire took place on Nov. 14, causing minor damage to the structure.

Following the first incident, power was cut off to the residence. Despite no power at the house, another fire broke out on Nov. 20. It was noted that Smith, who was the inhabitant of the house, made the 911 calls in both incidents, raising suspicion among the deputies.

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Investigation Of The Fires

A subsequent investigation led by the Sheriff’s office unveiled that Smith had claimed insurance for the loss from the fires.

“It very easily could have been passed off as just another fire. But with the extra work the deputies did and myself, we were able to deem it as arson and arrest a suspect,” said Det. Douglass Mitchell of the sheriff’s office.


In the probe into the arson case, the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the MSP Fire Investigators, Kinross Fire, and Central Dispatch.

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