A rise in deer population and a decrease in hunting activity have caused a Christmas tree shortage in a farm in Laingsburg, Michigan.

WILX News 10 | Lansing & Mid-Michigan
WILX News 10 | Lansing & Mid-Michigan

Peacock Road Family Farm

Ed Carpenter, the owner of the Peacock Road Family Farm, said deer have been feasting on his pines and spruce for the past three years, making it impossible for customers to cut down their trees this holiday season.

“From here up the tree ain’t too bad, but down here it’s ruined — they’ve killed it,” said Ed Carpenter, the owner of Peacock Road Family Farm, “The last three years the deer population has gotten so heavy, it’s eaten a lot of our trees.”


Deer Are Eating This Christmas Tree Farm

Due to the severity of the problem, the farm is now selling trees that have already been cut. Michigan's Department of Natural Resources attributes this to the rise in deer population combined with a decrease in hunters.

“Less hunters in the woods is definitely a concern because that’s our No. 1 tool that was able to regulate and actually make a difference and keep that population in check,” said Dustin Isenhoff.

Carpenter said he is mostly disappointed but hoping for the best for next year.

“Down the drain, 12 years of mowing and spraying and pruning. The deer did it,” said Carpenter.

WILX News 10 | Lansing & Mid-Michigan
WILX News 10 | Lansing & Mid-Michigan

The Farm Is Still Open

He said he hopes that people will still come to see what all the farm has to offer and get in the Christmas spirit without cutting down a tree.

“It makes me sad. I’m here to make people happy, and, dog gone it, we don’t have any trees in the field,” said Carpenter.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Carpenter remains hopeful and encourages people to still visit the farm to get into the holiday spirit, with Peacock Road Family Farm remaining open until December 24.

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