There was a viral video last week of a guy on a golf course in Michigan going "full Hulk" by ripping off his shirt and threatening other golfers.  There was a dispute about him TAKING another player's ball.

A John Reeb mugshot from 2013. Archbold Police Department
A John Reeb mugshot from 2013.
Archbold Police Department

Ottawa Lake, Michigan


John Reeb, a 41-year-old man from Archbald, Ohio, has been banned for life from Crooked Creek Golf Course in Ottawa Lake, Michigan after his outburst on the course went viral.

Heather Ryan, the general manager at the golf course, made the decision after hearing about Reeb's tirade and confirmed that this was not the first time they had issues with him, as he had also been banned from Cherrywood Golf Club.

Kenneth Davis/TikTok
Kenneth Davis/TikTok

What Happened In The Video?

In the viral video, Reeb is seen arguing with other golfers on the course and then quickly escalates the situation by ripping off his shirt and challenging them to a fight.

“This is a man that’s been to heaven,” he shouted, “so if you wanna test God, then come and get it s–tstack!”


Kenneth Davis/TikTok
Kenneth Davis/TikTok

In this particular incident at the golf course, Reeb grabbed a golf ball from a player, declaring it as his own. The player explained that it was a special ball, and they wanted it back.



One TikTok user claiming to be one of the golfers shed some light on how the confrontation came about.


“Ok I was in one of the golf carts,” user @yerrrrr explained in the comments. “One of the girls hit her ball kind of close to him and we drove over so she could hit it again. He then grabbed the ball and said “oh no you ain’t! This is my ball now b*tch!”. But that was a special ball to her so she wanted it back.”


Trouble With The Law

Reeb has an extensive history with the law, including several incidents over the past few months, as reported by the Daily Mail.

On July 15, Reeb was charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly spitting at a truck and the driver inside.

Less than two weeks later, he was again charged with disorderly conduct for threatening his neighbor while wearing only his underpants.

Three days after that, Reeb was charged with obstructing official business and menacing when police responded to reports of him chasing a woman's vehicle shirtless. When police tracked him down at his home, he refused to answer the door.

Reeb has been arrested twice this past month, and last year, he was arrested for allegedly planning a riot.

Ryan has stated that Reeb's behavior is unacceptable, and they will not tolerate it on their golf courses. The incident at Crooked Creek Golf Course has gained widespread attention, and it serves as a reminder that everyone must abide by rules and show respect on and off the course.

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