The English language keeps on changing. For the better? We'll see. Merriam-Webster just announced a bunch of new words they're adding to their dictionary.

These words are "real" now:

  • Cryptocurrency (noun): "any form of currency that only exists digitally, using a decentralized system to record transactions."
  • Life hack (noun): "a usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently."
  • Mansplain (verb): "to explain something to a woman in a condescending way that assumes she has no knowledge about the topic."
  • Hate-watch (verb): "to watch and take pleasure in laughing at or criticizing."
  • Glamping (noun): "outdoor camping with amenities and comforts such as beds, electricity, and access to indoor plumbing, not usually used when camping."
  • Dumpster fire (noun): "an utterly calamitous or mismanaged situation or occurrence."

Read more at Merriam-Webster.

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