As the tragic news of Chris Cornell's death continues to sink in, musicians near and far are paying tribute in their own way -- some taking to Twitter, while others, such as Dave Mustaine and Megadeth, are showing their love in concert.

"Chris Cornell died today," Mustaine told the audience at last night's Tokyo concert. "Very sad. Very sad. Chris Cornell from Soundgarden, he died. Very sad. When I found out, I was so, so sad. Chris Cornell, a friend of mine, a friend of all of us from Soundgarden, died today and we have lost one of the most beautiful voices in rock and in history. And I don't even know what to say other than we're gonna dedicate this next song to you, our friends in Tokyo, 'cause we're here with you and we love you so much and we wanna celebrate Chris's life today."

Megadeth then played a cover of the Soundgarden classic "Outshined," a highlight of their 1991 album, Badmotorfinger.

You can watch the video featuring Mustaine's dialogue and Megadeth's performance of the song above.

"Now, I don't sing like Chris," Mustaine said before the song. "I could never sing like Chris, but we're gonna sing a song right now. And if you know the words, sing with me. If you don't know the words, then just make noise."

Right before the band launched into the song, Mustaine left the Tokyo crowd with more heartfelt words. "I don't even know what to say," he said. "I love you, Chris. I'll see you one day up in heaven."

A medical examiner confirmed that Cornell, 52, killed himself after Soundgarden played a show in Detroit last night.

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