Growing up, one of my most memorable Christmas presents was a coupon book for any damn thing I wanted at McDonald's.  If my parents took me, I'd order my normal Happy Meal with chicken nuggets, and then whip out my booklet to get my free milkshake.  I was a baller before anyone knew what a baller was.  (Full disclosure: I'm still not 100% sure what a baller is)

Then I Had Kids

Some may call me a bad parent, but my kids didn't know until they were 7 or 8 years old that Happy Meals came with toys.  They were always garbage toys that would never get played with, so instead of holding on to the cheap off-brand Buzz Lightyear, I would simply just toss it into the garbage on our way to the PlayPlace.

Don't judge me.

What Toys Would Be Better?

To me, a good fast food toy would be a collectible.  Remember the Smurf glasses Hardee's offered back in the day?

Or how about the Gremlin record books that made us go back once every week or so to collect all 5 stories?

It's Not The 80s Anymore

Yes, I do have to remind myself of that fact from time to time.  So, while collectible glasses are too breakable in this litigious society, and technology has gotten us away from vinyl the very least can we get something USEFUL?

McDonald's Is Bringing Back The Halloween Pails

Yes, first McDonald's pokes at the nostalgia button in our brain by releasing Adult Happy Meals, and now those pails you probably have in your attic holding some random Halloween tchotchkes are coming back too!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, while supplies last, get yourself a Halloween Happy Meal at your local participating McDonald's.

Now...if we can get an adult ball pit in the PlayPlace we'll be set!

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