The massive Eddie Van Halen mural painted outside a Guitar Center in Hollywood is now complete and was just unveiled today (Jan. 26) on what would have been the late legend's 66th birthday.

The Van Halen co-founder's screaming visage as he rips a solo on his iconic red and white-striped "Frankenstein" guitar now occupies a wall several parking spaces in length right outside the music instrument retailer's doors, courtesy of artist Robert Vargas.

The location is rather ideal — over the years, thousands of hopeful guitarists have walked through the doors of countless Guitar Center locations, inspired to learn the instrument after hearing Van Halen's revolutionary playing, hoping they could catch a whiff of his magic and be able to do the same.

On Instagram, as seen below, Vargas showcased his tribute to Eddie Van Halen and the progress made from the early stages to the night leading up to the big reveal. Zakk Wylde, whose life has been immeasurably influenced by Van Halen, even swung by Jan. 17 to catch a look at the artwork before it was finished.

Eddie Van Halen died Oct. 6 of last year at the age of 65 following a lengthy battle with cancer. He was remembered warmly by his family, friends and peers, who offered touching tributes and testaments to the guitarist's eternal influence following the news of his passing.

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