A Ring doorbell at a home in Fort Wayne, Indiana caught video of two men trying to break into a home while armed with guns.

Trey Thomas is sure the only reason they ran away was because as the one man was kicking, he shot himself in the leg.

Thomas says he and his father called the police when they saw what was happening.

"There was actually a shell on the ground outside of my house from when he shot himself in the leg, so they went ahead and did their crime scene investigation, took pictures of footprints and the shell, whatnot. And they checked the neighborhood to make sure they weren't still around," he said.

Police didn't find either of the men, until the one with the gunshot wound showed up at a hospital, where they arrested him. The other suspect is still at large.

"My dad didn't know what it was. He realized it was somebody banging at the front door, but he didn't know what it was for. We don't have any reason to have any conflicts like this or anybody trying to break into my home," Thomas said.

Police are still investigating the attempted break in.

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