First wife is gonna kill me because I didn't fix the blinds before taking this picture and sharing it with the world. Those are next on the list.

That being said...I'd like to start a home improvement show.  With all my little projects around the house and being the cheapskate that I am...there's always something for me to fix.  Usually that something is an act I've never performed before.  Something where Google and YouTube are my friends.

But instead of This Old House...I'm going to call it "This Goddamn Thing".

So, we're in the middle of updating our kitchen.  It's not a "renovation" by any's just updating some of the features.  We're making it more enjoyable to look at.  Especially since I, myself, have been staring at the same 4 walls since March of last year.

Self awareness is key when tackling a project.  Knowing your own limitations and when/where to ask for help is important.

I have none of that.

So I usually end up how I started last night.  We hoisted the 34' 3/", 50 pound piece of painted barn board above the window sill only to find out I cut "This Goddamn Thing" to 38' 3/4".

That's ok.  Easy fix.

We got it secured and started working on hanging the barnboard signs my wife worked so hard to make.

I measured where I needed to cut the piece for the electrical outlet to come through.

I did it correct!  I know I did...because I second guessed myself and ended up changing it to the wrong measurement and therefore I cut the piece WAY too deep.

Now, I have to try and wood glue & putty & paint "This Goddamn Thing" in order to not have it wink at me every single time I look at it.

Good thing the fridge is stocked.  Because the kids have been hearing a lot of "Daddy's Drinking Words" during this project.

credit: Bill Stage


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