As marijuana becomes more accepted and even legalized, there still seems to be some bad vibes towards it, especially by employers. The concern is that marijuana use affects job performance. A new study says it doesn't affect work, as long as you know when to light up.

Researchers from San Diego State and Auburn Universities surveyed 281 employees and supervisors, looked at times workers used cannabis products, and watched to see if bosses noticed a drop in performance.

Of course, research shows a drop in performance when use occurs before the shift, but employers didn't notice a difference in the people who used it after the shift.

The study focused on three areas of work performance:

  • Task Performance
  • Citizenship Behavior
  • Counterproductive Work Behavior

Supervisors reported declines in performance and increases in counterproductive when use occurs right before or during work hours.

Although the study doesn't find any direct evidence, the researchers say the use of marijuana after work is more than likely beneficial in relieving work-related stress.

“The relaxation induced by cannabis may help employees restore energy spent during the day and they may subsequently return with more stamina to devote to their job once they are back on the clock,” the management professor said.

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