One of the most difficult decisions when money is tight is "Do I get the pizza or the beer?" Ray Lewis has a condition that makes the decision easier.

In 2014, Lewis got behind the wheel after a meal, and flipped the truck he was driving, spilling the 11,000 salmon he had in the back. He lost his job, and was seriously injured. Lewis also was charged with a DUI, even though he hadn't had any alcoholic beverages, blowing at 0.29.


A year later Ray Lewis was diagnosed with Auto-Brewery Syndrome, which causes yeast ingested to sit in the stomach and ferment. It's unclear how many people suffer from ABS, since most claims are attempts to void DUIs. Symptoms include nausea, sweating, and repeating the same conversations, and making decisions you may later regret.

When Ray's symptoms first began showing, his wife suspected he was becoming an alcoholic. Now that they know, she monitors his location with a GPS tracker, in case he finds himself unable to drive.

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