Apparently Tinder, E-Harmony, and weren't working for this Kansas City guy, and he's an entrepreneur so Farmer's Only isn't going to work either. He's taking a bit of a different approach to finding himself a girlfriend.

Only known as Jeff G, he's created a website for himself, and had a professional high quality video made on why you should date him.

His bio gives a quick explanation of himself.

I am an entrepreneur fortunate enough to still be passionate about the career path I've chosen. Throughout the years, I've established, built, and sold a couple of companies and have enjoyed economic success. However, what really makes any experience enjoyable is the people you get to share it with. I have an incredible core group of friends that have come into my life at different points and times; some dating back to elementary school. My friends describe me as: "a lighthearted jackass", "high energy", "positive" and "always has a big smile on his face."

Toward the end of the video, he also mentions that if one of us refers to the girl who ends up being the one, he'll give that person a finder's fee. A $25,000 commission.

If you've got single lady friends who's goal age range is a man who is 45-50, send her Jeff G.'s info.

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