A couple summers ago the kids and I would do this stupid thing to make each other laugh.  As we were leaving a store, or saying goodbye to a friend or exiting some sort of interaction we would say "bye"...but as if a goat was saying it.


It's freaking hilarious!  To us, mostly.  To the other people they are confused and maybe don't even take notice.

One day we pulled up to the bank drive through and since there was a car in the window side...we had to go to the less personable vacuum sucky tube side.

I was anticipating this Goatbye thing for the entirety of the trip.  I got SO excited that I said, "Baiaiaiaiaye" and sped off and we all laughed.

Until I realized I had just unintentionally robbed the bank!  I still had the tube in my hands.  So, not only did I say "Baiaiaiaiaye" in goat voice...but now I had to return to the scene of the crime to return the tube thing with the tellers wondering what kind of idiot I am.

The kids still talk about that today but at least I'm not as dumb as THIS guy:

A guy in South Carolina tried to rob a bank last week by putting a note in the vacuum tube.  A guy named Angel Masdev told the tellers to put all the money from the drawers back into the tube or he'd, quote, "kill."

The bank employees called the cops, and they got there while Angel was still waiting for the tube of cash. He was arrested on several charges.

(NBC 32 - Myrtle Beach

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