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Doctors in the Netherlands claim they've seen the first-ever case of 'Scrotal Necrosis' from a highly venomous snouted cobra, after a snake bit a guys nuts from the inside of a toilet. Now, the story is in a published medical journal, Urology Case Reports.  

The patient, a 47-year-old, was on vacation in South Africa at a wildlife reserve when the bite happened. Because of his location, he had to wait three hours for a helicopter to fly him to a trauma center. According to the report, he felt a burning pain in his junk that spread up into his chest.

In the journal, the researchers wrote that when the patient arrived at the trauma center, he had "swollen genitals with a deep purple discoloration, indicating scrotal necrosis."

The photos aren't something corporate's going to let me put up here on the website, so I'll just leave this little button to the very educational medical report.

The doctors administered eight doses of snake venom antiserum, as well as dialysis and medications to control a fever. Doctors had to do some debridement of his dong and coin purse as well, meaning remove part of the skin of his dong and coin purse.

Within a year of the incident, the patient "regained function and sensation," of his downstairs, which is even better than not having someone stand in a room and tell your family you died by getting your balls bit.

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