A 42-year-old Massachusetts man, identified as Hector Avededo, allegedly stabbed another man who refused to flush a toilet in the men's restroom at the Massachusetts Back Bay Station.

The incident occurred Sunday morning, a 33-year-old Boston man became the victim of an unfortunate stabbing in a public restroom.

Police arrived at the scene around 8 AM on a report of an assault. The victim told police, it all started when he was inside a stall in the men's bathroom located in the lobby. Hector Avededo entered the bathroom, and shortly after, the dispute began.

While the Boston man was still seated in the stall, Avededo told the victim that he needed to flush the toilet. The victim told Avededo that he should mind his own business when it comes to his personal bathroom habits. The two men exchanged further controversial words.

Avededo finished his business and left the restroom. The victim was still seated in the stall when Avededo was walking around the lobby asking random people "Who was talking s*** in the bathroom?"

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When the victim was finished in the restroom he came forward to Avededo in the lobby where their further dispute turned physical. Police report that Avededo stabbed the victim in the hand and then fled the station.

Police officers searched the transit area and eventually located Avededo on Huntington Avenue. A brief chase was conducted and Avededo was caught and arrested. He was identified as the suspect from the Back Bay Station bathroom assault.

A knife was found on Avededo and he was taken to Transit Police Headquarters. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Read more here: NBCBoston.com

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