If I call my mom twice in one week, I feel like the best kid ever. Meanwhile, this guy exists.

A 19-story apartment building in Philadelphia caught fire on Thursday, and some guy found out his 65-year-old mom was still inside.

She has some health issues, and she's confined to a bed. So she couldn't get out. And firefighters wouldn't let the son go inside to check on her.

But he refused to listen, and decided to SCALE THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING. And he had to climb FIFTEEN FLOORS to get to her.

We don't know his last name, but his first name's Jermaine. And it turned out his mom was FINE. The fire didn't spread to her apartment. She was just really shocked when she saw her son climbing over the railing of her balcony.

A news helicopter got footage of him climbing back down. It's not clear why he didn't just take the stairs at that point.

He says he fully expected to get arrested, but police officers were VERY understanding and let him go. The craziest part is he'd just cracked his hip on a set of stairs earlier that day, and he was on crutches. He says his adrenaline just took over when he thought his mom was in trouble.

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