Do you bite your fingernails? Reading a story like this might change that habit. A father of two in the United Kingdom recently had a brush with death that was caused by his nail biting.

28-year-old Luke Hanoman started feeling like he had the flu, he had cold sweats and was shaking. The symptoms started after he bit the skin on the side of one of his nails.

After his finger swelled up, he went to a hospital. Luke was treated for sepsis and told by doctors that he was "lucky to be alive." By the time he got to the hospital, he had a high temperature and there were red lines all over his body, signs that the infection was spreading.

The man had to be on 24-hour observation and had two drips in his arms the entire time. Eventually the doctors were able to kill off the infection and Luke avoided septic shock.

Read more at The Sun.

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