I feel like this guy's parents really set him up for a life of disappointment when they gave him this name.

There's a 32-year-old guy in Villa Rica, Georgia whose real name is Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings Scarborough. So naturally he's an outlaw, right? Unfortunately, no, not really. Here's why.

First of all, Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings drives a PT Cruiser. Second, Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings was driving his PT Cruiser last week when he ran out of gas. Not an outlaw kind of move.

He was blocking traffic at the time, so the cops showed up. When they tried to help him, they spotted a bag of meth in his car and a weed whacker he'd just stolen out of someone's car.

Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings was arrested on several charges, including meth possession and entering an automobile with intent to commit theft.

Carroll County Sheriff's Office

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