There's a guy out there who was temporarily paralyzed and almost died all because he never bothered to eat a bowl of prunes.

Doctors in Australia just published a report about a 53-year-old man who recently came to the ER because he was having serious stomach pains, he'd lost all feeling in his right leg and it was cold to the touch.

When the doctors checked him out, they figured out what was wrong: He really needed to poop.

BMJ Case Reports
BMJ Case Reports

Apparently he had a serious backup of impacted stools. They were causing so much pressure in his abdomen that they cut off the blood flow to his legs and that pressure was on the verge of potentially killing him.

They performed emergency surgery and removed approximately four-and-a-half pounds of compacted feces. It took him 17 days before he could walk again, but he did make a full recovery and they put him on a diet to help fight constipation.

Read more at BMJ Case Reports.

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