We're about a month out from Halloween, and it's already time for crazy people in wacky costumes to start committing crimes.

Police are looking for help identifying a man who robbed a pharmacy in Ville Platte, Louisiana at gunpoint. The only identifying factor they have of him is that he was in a full-body chipmunk costume.


The chipmunk came in and stole a lot of narcotic medication, and the pharmacist's phone. He's not all bad though, she told him she had pictures of her grandkids on the phone, so he popped out the SIM card and gave it to her.

The  Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office is now looking for a pill-stealing, gun-toting chipmunk who also is a nice guy.

Word has it, he shoved most of it in his cheek to have his hands free to hold the gun.

Read more at ABC 3 - Lafayette

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