You know that unsettling animatronic band that plays tunes for all the children at Chuck E. Cheese? There's at least one person out there not creeped out by them.

When Jared Sanchez was a young boy his parents, like many parents, took him out to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate his birthday. It was there that he first met The King.

King was an Elvis-impersonating lion that was kept separate from the main band and played in his own lounge. Some time in the '80s, King's image was changed and he was eventually discontinued and forgotten. Except by Jared.

At 37-years-old Jared has renovated his master bedroom to have the vibe of a children's pizza restaurant. The floor is covered in black and white tile and bright lights spell out "The King".

Over the years, the King enthusiast has come across four robots and has so far fully repaired three of them. Jared claims that there are only seven King robots in existence.

While he currently holds a job that allows him enough time and money to maintain the Kings, Jared hopes to grow his YouTube channel. If he gets enough subscribers, the channel will support the Kings full time.

Here's a sample of the content he puts out:

Jared's story is actually pretty interesting. The Tampa Bay Times wrote an extensive article about his life and passion surrounding The King.

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