29-year-old Frank Baez moved to New York from the Dominican Republic when he was 15, and barely spoke any English.

But he managed to land a job as a janitor at NYU's nursing school to support his family. And check out how far he's come.

The janitor job got him interested in medicine. So he applied for another job as a patient transporter, wheeling people around for tests and surgeries, and he was great with patients.

He eventually left that job though, to get his bachelor's degree at Hunter College, and was the first person in his family to ever graduate.

But he knew he wanted to work in healthcare. So after that, he applied to NYU, the same school where he worked as a janitor. And on Monday, he got his nursing degree.

He finished with a 3.6 GPA from an accelerated program that allowed him to graduate in 15 months. And he's already set his next goal to become a critical care nurse in the ICU.

He says none of it has been easy for him. He just works hard and refuses to give up.

Read more at ABC News.

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