A man in Toronto is in big trouble after fooling two men into having sex with him on two separate occasions.

According to the Toronto Star, the two victims had online discussions with a woman named "Angela," who after some discussion, arranged for the two of them to go to her house for a hookup.

Ontario Court Justice Cathy Mocha found that the two men believed they were talking to a woman, Angela, and were going over to her home for a "glory hole scenario" - which, as you know, is a hole in a wall or other material that allows people to engage in anonymous sex.

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As instructed, the victims walked into the home and put their danglers through a hole in a sheet hanging in a doorway. Oral sex was performed on the victims, and then it became penetrative sex without warning, both men knowing it was anal sex.

The whole thing came to an end when the second man pulled the sheet down from the doorway and discovered "Angela" was actually 33-year-old Tony Sfeir in a black wig.

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On Friday, Justice Mocha convicted Sfeir on two counts of sexual assaults - because the victims were misled about the identity of their sexual partner. On Friday, he was sentenced to 28 months in prison - 14 months for each count, and he'll be on the sex offenders list for the next 10 years.

“It is the violation of personal integrity and the negating of the victims’ right of self-determination that makes these offences serious,” Mocha said.

“As with most victims of sexual assault, they wonder if they are somehow at fault for what happened or could have done more to prevent it,” she said. “They feel shame and are unable to confide in those close to them.”

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