All the pieces fell into place for Marc Trevino at the sold-out U2 concert last Friday in El Paso, Texas as he was invited on stage to play "In God's Country" with the band.

For this concert’s attempt, he put a slideshow on his phone that had his special message to the band.

“While everybody is filming them and has their camera pointing at them, I had my screen pointing at them the whole time,” Trevino, 41, said in a phone interview with ABC-7. “On my phone I actually had the message, ‘can I play guitar on ‘Desire?’”

It started to look like it wasn’t going to happen.

“They played ‘Mysterious Ways’ and they had the girls on stage and then they played ‘Desire and they kept the girls on stage,” Trevino said. “The whole time, I’m deflated because my thoughts are, ‘my shot is over. That’s it.’ Unexpectedly Bono started looking for somebody to play ‘In God’s Country.’


"In hindsight, I think I looked a bit like a buffoon but at the same time … the whole first part of the concert Bono takes you back to his bedroom on Cedarwood Road,” Trevino said. “And once I got picked I think I got taken back to my bedroom on Joe Herrera Drive in El Paso. That’s really how best I can describe it. I wasn’t with the band, I was with my buddies and it was like I was jamming to them with my old jam box in my bedroom on Joe Herrera."