Wayne Lambarth said he and his neighbor had a dispute over where the property lines landed, and his neighbor (who remains anonymous) has decided to settle where one farm ends and the other begins.

Lambarth said his grandpa developed the farm around 100 years ago, but always had the property divided. It never was an issue until last year.

Lambarth has tenants, Jaidyn Schwarzel and Coyne Gatto, who live in the farm's house. They have to deal with smelling the poop fence all day long.

"It's just a shit pile over there," Jaidyn Schwarzel told Fox 2.

"It's like you can't leave the window open. The whole upstairs will smell like it," tenant Coyne Gatto said.


The neighbor was asked about the poop wall, and he said "It's not a poop wall. It's a compost fence."

When Fox 2 mentioned to the neighbor that his neighbors don't like having a 250-foot wall of crap next to their home, he responded by mumbling about not liking the price of milk before he went back to work.

While it's gross and a nuisance, local officials said their hands are tied on the matter because the poop wall is on the neighbor's property.

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