When a band uses the words "funk" and "jazz" when they're describing their band I generally get turned off.  Not that I don't like those types of music...but in my experience, it means they're going to be too pretentious for me to latch onto for any amount of time.

The Mamiltons say they are a "band with a taste for rock n roll, blues, funk, and jazz."  But it's their foot in the gutter called "blues/rock" that makes this album such a fun ride.  Matt's swagger behind the mic brings hints of Mick Jagger if he could stop prancing and actually sing.  The rhythm section is tight as a drum and yes there are jazzy parts but it's not to show off.  They use their tasty powers for good.  For the good of the song. For the good of the audience.

I talked to singer, and guitar player, Matt Hamilton about this new album they've put together at Skylark Studios in Rock Island.

Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton

Tell me a bit about your band. How did you get together, how long ago was that?

  • Matt Hamilton lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
  • Martin Newman lead guitar
  • Justin Lange drums
  • Anthony Andersen on Bass
  • Mark Williams plays keys But on the album Kellen Meyers played keys

We have been together for about 6 years. We have all been friends for the past 10 years. We started playing covers and slowly Matt started showing us his song. which would become the first album. Then in 2018 we saved up $900 from the shows we played and went into a small church in Morrison and recorded with Straightway Productions.



How Does the writing process work in The Mamiltons?

On this album we wrote alot of these songs together. Dark Times started as a warm up at practice. Why Can't It Be started with messing around with the effects on an electric drum set. The Tempest...Bob Dylan and Shakespear both had as titles of their work so I figured why not. I like both of them.

Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton

Are there any songs on here that you would consider to be "the single"?

Dark Times I would say.


Can you give me a in-depth look at how Dark Times came together?

Started as warm up. Mark our key player was running scales and then Matt came up something and thats how opening riff was made. From there we found some chords that worked for a verse and pre chorus and then the chorus came.


This was the first song we had really written together as a band. I was worried about letting someone in on my process which is why it took so long to make the album. There was alot of division in the country. So I tried to write the song about us working together as a band. which we all have different political views and how the two sides in the country's couldn't work together like us. There also might be a little relationship problems in there as well.


Also with the song dark times the idea started with this awesome movie called Super Dark Times and where I got the name. that's really when I started writing the lyrics

Matthew Hamilton
Matthew Hamilton


The album. Where did you record it? Who helped?

We recorded at Skylark studios in the lovely Rock Island. We chose them because we heard they had just got a new building and loved the sound of them room.
Justin Farley and Nick Holcomb recorded edited and mastered the whole thing. We also thought it would be cool to make a rock album on rock island. Also Fritz helped running around for us. We started recording in March of 2021 and it took us a whole year to finish. Matt and Marty both had kids which slowed studio time down. We wanted to do a studio album instead of just all going in at once and doing like a live. We also had one unfinished song we finished while recording which is the song awake.


Upcoming shows: facebook.com/themamiltons

  • 9/3 Sat @ The 11th Street Precinct Bar & Grill 9 to 12AM - East Village of Davenport IA
  • 9/17 Sat @ Hook's Pub & Grill 7 to 10PM Clinton IA
  • 9/24 Sat @ Bacon & Brew Fest 4 to 7PM Clinton IA
    Tickets Here : visitclintoniowa.ticketspice.com/bacon-brew-fest
  • 9/30 @ Dirty Water Music 8 to 930 in leclaire

Where can people get it/listen to it?


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