Early this week on the show we had a conversation about the Mr and Mrs "One Pleases" of the world. These are people who go into public on their own, whether it be to see a movie or just to grab dinner in a restaurant.

Mack, being a mixture of social anxiety and awkward, is not one of those people and was stuck with an extra to Motley Crue and no date. Luckily for him, Cheryl had called in to mention that she also never goes out on her own, except for the one time that she went solo to an Eagles concert.

At said concert, Cheryl was seated next to a young man in his early 20's. They hit it off well enough that he invited her to a Five Finger Death Punch concert. Cheryl would not confirm nor deny if she had taken him up on that offer.

Now, thanks to Klinger, Mack and Cheryl will be going to see Motley Crue together this Sunday. We confirmed it with her this morning, listen to the segment below, notice how many people recognized her and had to call in to say "hi."

Check back on Monday for the recap of the show.

(Mack / Townsquare Media)