Lucky Charms are great, but if you take out the marshmallows, it's just boring, normal cereal. No one would buy it without the magically delicious blocks of sugar in there. Do the opposite, and people go nuts.

General Mills just announced they're giving away ten limited edition boxes of Lucky Charms that are all marshmallows. There's no cereal, just dehydrated marshmallow shapes.

To win one, you have to take a photo of yourself pretending to hold a box of Lucky Charms, and post the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag, "#Lucky10Sweepstakes."

The General Mills website doesn't say the photo has to be creative or weird, but you probably have a better chance if it is. You have to do it this weekend, because the contest ends Sunday.

You can post up to three photos, and they're announcing the ten winners next week.

(General Mills)

If you do win a box, you probably shouldn't open it though, because they'll be collector's items. If you just want to fill your gut with handfuls of those tiny marshmallows, a company called Hoosier Hill sells them on Amazon for $10 a pound.

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