Chris Veseth has worked as a greeter at a Lowe's near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for the past 17 years. He's spent his entire life in a wheelchair because of a disability.


He's always in a good mood, knows where everything in the store is, and customers love him. But he mentioned to a co-worker recently that his wheelchair was falling apart and he was using duct tape to hold it together.

He didn't have the $8,000 he needed to buy a new one. So his coworker set up a GoFundMe campaign for him last Thursday and told customers about it.

They ended up reaching their goal that night. People kept donating, more than 600 of them, and it's now over $26,000. Chris told the local news that he's totally overwhelmed.

His manager says he's a great guy who could be bitter and angry, but he refuses to let anything get him down and deserves the attention he's getting.

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