St. Mary Parish, LA — A Louisiana child was found safe after being reported missing last week, with an unexpected feathered companion found in the boy's backpack.

"Storytime!" wrote the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office in a Friday, May 31 post on its Facebook page. "Hey folks, gather around for a wild little tale from Friday morning."

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Louisiana Child Found Safe After Bizarre Disappearance with Rooster in Backpack

According to the post, the young boy embarked on an adventure, leaving home in search of a new life. "Let's be honest, we've all been there at some point in our youth," the post read.

A deputy quickly located the child, whose name, age, and exact location were not disclosed by the sheriff's office. However, the story took a bizarre turn when it was discovered that the boy had a rooster stowed away in his Pokémon-themed backpack.

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"Yep, you read that right. Ole Foghorn here was a bit shaken up but unharmed," said the sheriff's office, referencing the Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn. The Facebook post included a picture of a large chicken crammed into the backpack.

(St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office)
(St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office)

Where Did This Rooster Come From?

While the story amused many online, there was a twist. "Now, here's the kicker — the rooster did not belong to the kid, and we're still scratching our heads as to how exactly he ended up with it," the post stated. The sheriff's office is now asking anyone with information about the rooster to contact them, adding emojis of a shrugging man and a rooster to emphasize the mystery.

The rooster, nicknamed "Ole Foghorn," is currently being cared for at the Patterson Animal Control's "Witness Protection Program," but the sheriff's office believes he would prefer to be back home.

The Facebook post concluded with hashtags including "#LostAndFound," "#RoosterMystery," "#CommunityHelp," "#AnyoneMissingARooster," and "#WhatAFridayThisHasBeenAlready." The post was shared over 250 times, garnering widespread amusement and sparking speculation.

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Getty Images

The Comments Under The Posts

One Facebook user pointed out, "Thing is it’s not a rooster, it’s a hen," with others agreeing. Another user quipped, "Somebody call CPS — chicken protection service," while another joked, "And how do we know the rooster and the kid were not in cahoots to leave for a better life?"

St. Mary Parish is located in southern Louisiana. The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office said that they were not sure if the chicken had been returned to its rightful owner over the weekend.

For now, the mystery of the misplaced rooster remains unsolved, leaving the community both puzzled and entertained.

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