I've always suspected someone somewhere was profiting for my lost crap I leave on the airline. I finally found evidence.

This company sells all of the stuff that doesn't make it from the plane to the carousel, and never was claimed by anyone.

From hats, to shirts, to gaming systems, jewelry and more, UnclaimedBaggage.com has everything you need for a cheap price.

The company has no idea what they were in for when they open new luggage that comes in, and once even found a live rattlesnake.

The company's About page explains how they're able to do this legitimately.

Airline passengers waiting for their bags upon arrival are almost certain to see them riding atop the bag carousel. That’s because airlines use sophisticated tracking technology to reunite over 99.5% of bags with their owners right away. If a bag is truly lost, airlines pay out a claim to the passenger. It’s only after an extensive three-month search that an unclaimed bag is deemed truly orphaned, a fate realized by less than 0.03% of all checked luggage! That’s where we come in.

They have an agreement with major airlines that'll send them the unclaimed stuff, to their 50,000 square foot store in Alabama. They only recently began selling the items online.
On the website, there you can shop by type of item, and even look through the "Unclaimed Bag of The Week."
Every day, hundreds of items are added to the system, so keep checking back if you don't see what you're looking for.
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