After 60 years apart, two brothers separated at a young age finally were reunited, thanks to their family and friends.

Don and his biological brother Bruce were born in Batavia, NY, but were split up when they were adopted by two seperate families after spending years together in foster homes.

"I don't think we even knew that they were going to really separate us until they put me in one car, and him in another car, and that was the last I saw of him," Don said. He was 7 years old the last time he saw his brother, and he's now 67.

After years of searching and countless DNA tests, Bruce's daughter Heather took it upon herself to head up the search.

"I left three messages for Donald, and the third one he called me, and we made it happen," Heather said.

There's definitely a lot of time to makeup, and new memories to make. Don says the day they reunited will always be remembered as "Christmas in September."

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