Eighteen years ago Ms. Arguello thought her troubles of having a hard-to-pronounce last name would be over. It wasn't until she became Lisa Simpson did she realize she had a whole mess of new troubles.

"People always mispronounced ‘Arguello’, so I thought it would be so much easier to have a common last name."

Davenport Schools

The first grade teacher at Hayes Elementary married her husband David Simpson and for the last 18 years has been known as Lisa Simpson. She tells KWQC that almost everyday she gets nonstop questions and comments about her name.

Lisa's friends, unsurprisingly, have a lot of fun with her name. When she was pregnant they would ask if she planned on naming her children after Bart or Maggie Simpson.

Even business transaction come with a bit of disbelief. Bank tellers will often have to double check her name and she has to prove she's not a prankster when she orders pizza.

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