A woman was pulled over last week because of something wrong with her vehicle, and police said the only reason they could come up with that she'd drive with her car the way it was would be if she was high.

Authorities said they located the vehicle reported to them on April 20th, you know, the day of the weed.

The 911 call reported a vehicle swerving on Marine Drive in White Rock, British Columbia.

When officers found the vehicle, it had been driving with the wheel still on the car, but no evidence of a tire having been there was present. This led police to want to take her in for a drug test.

Officers arrested her and brought her to the White Rock RCMP precinct, where some tests were conducted by a drug recognition expert. In their public release, police didn't reveal what substance they suspected she had been using, but going by the "holiday," we can assume what it really was.

It's unclear at what point the tire went missing from the passenger-side tire, though investigators said the same vehicle appears to have been involved in a collision near Langley just an hour before they found her.

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