This was the date of the disastrous decision to have Jimi Hendrix join the Monkees tour as the opening act back in 1967.  There was no love this week for The Hendrix Experience, during that famous Summer of Love.  Jimi's manager, Mike Jeffery, was looking for more exposure for his relatively unknown client ... Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork were big fans of Jimi and wanted him to join the tour to try and boost their rock credibility.  Jimi was not a fan of the Monkees, but agreed to join the tour anyway... and it didn't even come close to working.  Monkees fans would boo, and chant "we want the Monkees.."  and  "Foxy Davy" during his sets.  After about a week, Jimi had enough .. he flipped off a crowd in New York and walked off stage, and off the tour.  Not his finest hour, but how long would YOU put up with that before you snapped?   So Jimi Hendrix fans, today I salute you ... and NOT with just one finger!