It's the time of year when the Iowa Beef Industry Council in conjunction with the Iowa Cattlemen's Association publishes 'Iowa's Best Burgers.' While the idea is cool, the Iowa side of the QC was failed to be mentioned last year, and we all know there's some damn good burgers around here.

Voting is open now on the IBIC website. There are some great burger joints left off the list, and they only gave Bettendorf THREE options.


Apparently they heard my griping last year because Ross' made the list at the very least.

Gunchies via Townsquare Media
Gunchies via Townsquare Media

Davenport on the other hand, has fourteen burgers on the list. While we have a shot with some of these burger's, I would like to point out that they left Riefe's on the list. Riefe's closed Christmastime 2015. Them not knowing that just reopens the cinnamon cake bread sized hole in my heart.


  • Granite City Food & Brewery
  • Mo Brady's Steakhouse
  • Tappa's Steakhouse
  • Barrel House
  • Boozies
  • Creekside Bar & Grill
  • Hawkeye Sports Bar & Grill
  • Jimmy's King Gyros (The name is 'Lendi's Gyros' now, but IBIC wouldn't know)
  • Machine Shed
  • Me & Billy
  • Riefe's (RIP)
  • Rookie's Sports Bar
  • Sippi's Restaurant
  • Thunder Bay Grille

They're giving us some options at the bare minimum, so it's our time to vote for the best burger in Iowa. Let's make the Top 10 list.

Iowa Beef Industry Council
Iowa Beef Industry Council
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