A 71-year-old woman is facing a criminal charge after screaming racial slurs and slapping a teenager working at a little Caesars.

On April 14, the elderly woman, Rachel Scheuerman from Enid Oklahoma was charged with one count of malicious harassment based upon race.  

The incident happened on March 30th. A 17-year-old boy was working the drive-through window at Little Caesars. At about 10:40 PM, a woman later identified as Rachel Scheuerman drove up to order.

Scheuerman wanted to order two pizzas and crazy bread (breadsticks with garlic butter and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top). The working teen informed the woman that the restaurant was out of crazy bread, which made her become angry.

As she pulled up to the window she asked the teen, "Do you want a diploma?" To which the teen replied, "Yes."

The old woman then went off her rocker and started yelling racial slurs at the high school junior. After she asked him "Did that hurt you?" He replied, "No."

Scheuerman's next move was hopping out of the car and slapping the teen two times across his face.

Garfield County Detention Facility
Garfield County Detention Facility

The teen got his manager and explained what just happened. Scheuerman, allegedly told the manager she "harassed him like she always does” and then drove away laughing.

Neither the teen nor his family knew this woman.

The teen's mother, Stacy Beard said, "Mentally, this has affected him in ways that I can’t even imagine. He is not the same child I had before this happened.”

An officer made contact with Scheuerman at 2:30 AM at her residence. The story Scheuerman gave the officer was that she was "joking around" and had asked the teen if he wanted to learn about "Racism 101" which is how she taught her children about racism, and then called the teen racial slurs.

She asked the teen, “Did that hurt?” and the teen said, “No.” According to the affidavit, Scheuerman said she then reached into the window and “did like this,” making a motion of her hand softly hitting her cheek.

Scheuerman was arrested on April 14, and her bond was set at $5,000. She was released on April 18 and arraigned on April 21. A bond appearance is scheduled for May 12.

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