The American Kennel Club just released its annual list of the most popular dog breeds in America and for the 24th year in a row, the Labrador retriever is number one. The last dog that was number one before Labrador retrievers was the Cocker spaniel in 1989.

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)
    Here's the Top 10 Most Popular Breeds:

  1. Retrievers (Labrador)
  2. German Shepherds
  3. Retrievers (Golden)
  4. Bulldogs
  5. Beagles
  6. Yorkshire Terriers
  7. Poodles
  8. Boxers
  9. French Bulldogs
  10. Rottweilers
    These are the Top 10 Least Popular Breeds:

  1. Spaniels (Sussex)
  2. Canaan Dogs
  3. Skye Terriers
  4. Pyrenean Shepherds
  5. Otterhounds
  6. American Foxhounds
  7. Harriers
  8. Cesky Terriers
  9. English Foxhounds
  10. Norwegian Lundehunds

Check out the full ranking list at and see where your pup ranks.