Yesterday we wrote about the "Donut Guy" from Minnesota, a college student who would drive almost an 8 hour round trip to buy and resell Krispy Kreme Donuts. If you recall, they told him he needed to stop his service, citing "concerns of product quality and regulatory compliance." They've now changed their mind, because they're impressed he was willing to drive across state lines.

Krispy Kreme doesn't have any stores in Minnesota, and they've decided that it is a market they've left untapped. They're going to allow him to resume his side business, as an "Independent operator." Krispy Kreme decided they liked his entrepreneurial spirit, especially after they found out he's working on getting a debt free education. To help him toward his goal, they've gifted him 500 boxes, and are going to allow him to resume his side hustle.

Here's what the official Krispy Kreme Run Minnesota Facebook, run by Jayson Gonzales himself.

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