Kiss confirmed that last night’s Kiss 2020 Goodbye New Year’s Eve show had set two world records, while verification was pending on a third.

The band had previously announced their intention to secure mentions in the annual Guinness World Records reference book for their pyrotechnics at the event in Dubai. They also hoped to set a record for the highest-grossing pay-per-view event for a rock concert.

One of the GWR adjudicators who’d attended as a witness spoke on camera once the performance was complete, reporting that Kiss had set records for the highest flame projection in a music concert – at 35 metres – and the most flame projections launched simultaneously in a music concert. Quoting the GWR slogan he said: “I can reveal that you achieved a grand total of 73. You are officially amazing.”

He was unable to confirm whether they’d also secured the PPV sales record, saying: “We still need to review the evidence. Good luck, guys.” He reported that the current record was $10.4 million – and given that the show cost just short of $10 million to stage, with a tenth of that spent on pyro alone, it’s unlikely that the business-conscious band will have made a profit margin of just $400,000. However, other events that also took place last night could be in contention for the record.

Kiss censored a few subtle elements of their performance in respect of the strict decency laws in the United Arab Emirates. Gene Simmons’ traditional blood-spitting routine was absent, while the lyrics to two songs were adjusted: the phrase “virgin soul” became “sacred soul” in “God of Thunder” while “bitch” was deleted from “100,000 Years”. According to legislation addressing language that “disgraces the honor or the modesty” of an individual, each transgression comes with a fine of $2,700 or a jail sentence.


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