As we head into 2021 two things strike me.  a) I have hope that things will be better than 2020.  b) I don't know how c) nor do I 100% believe it will be

I do know that 2020 has made me more nostalgic.  So many things have changed.  I've learned to work from home.  I've learned to home school kids.  I've learned that I don't like home schooling kids and that I apparently have anger issues.

At the same time I'm glad this pandemic happened during the age of such great technology. Could you imagine being stuck in your house without Facetime?  Without Skype or Zoom calls?  I never appreciated the fact that we had this technology and after this year I'd have a hard time living with out it.

Also...this might explain why your parents have a hard time with the smart phone because they needed Edward R. Murrow to explain how to use a "new" dial telephone.

It features a young girl doing the demonstration as an announcer walks you through it.  He explains in great detail how to recognize a dial tone, a ringing signal, and a busy signal.  He even tells you how to dial each numeral.

Now that I think about it...we may need this footage to give to our kids if we ever go back to rotary phones.  They'll have no idea how to use it.

So as we head into a new year...I'll do so cautiously optimistic and I will tread lightly and no matter what least I know how to use a phone and for that I'm grateful.

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